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Olive Oil

Olive oil in soaps is known for stimulating new cell generation, slows down wrinkle development and gives skin a youthful look. As well as providing and anti-inflammatory effect to help calm skin to help improve conditions like eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. It provides both hardness to a bar and a good lather.

Sustainably Sourced Palm Oil

We chose to use sustainably sourced palm because we are an environmentally conscious and ethical company. By supporting sustainable farmers we discourage the cutting down wild palm trees in the rain forest and instead encourage farmers to grow palm instead. Palm is an incredibly space saving plant and farmers can get a much larger yield on smaller amounts of land than other crops.

Olive , palm

Coconut oil

We use organic coconut oil for its fantastic cleaning capabilities. When used in the right proportions it is incredibly moisturizing and contains anti-oxidants to help slow the aging process.

Avocado Oil

Organic avocado is packed with vitamins like B1, B2, and A! It helps to provide some lather to soaps and mosturizes.

coconut, avacado

Castor Oil

Organic and hexane free castor oil is in all of our soaps because it is very high in its ricinoleic acid ratio making it very beneficial to the hair and skin. When used in soap it creates the rich bubblyness you'll notice with our soaps!

Argan Oil

Organic argan oil is in all of our shampoo bars as it contains a high quantity of vitamin E which adds shine to the hair moisture to the scalp.

Castor, Argan

Sodium Lactate

Sodium lactate made simply by fermenting sugar from beets which produces lactic acid and extracting the sodium salts. It helps to add hardness to bar soaps so they don't "melt" in the shower.


Soap is so boring without and design or colours so we use both mica mineral pigments and spices like turmeric and indigo root to colour our soaps.

sodium lactate, colour

Oat Butter

Super soothing to dry, irritated or inflamed skin, we use this luxurious butter in our skin recovery balm to help with eczema, psoriasis, rashes and many other skin conditions!

Shea Butter

Organic shea butter is in all or our balms because it is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to help with inflamed skin conditions. It is high in vitamin E and A which keeps the skin healthy and helps protect against sun damage and it extremely moisturizing.

Oat butter, shea

Unprocessed Beeswax

Nothing is better than the smell of raw beeswax straight from the apiary! We get our beeswax right from our favorite bee farm and we clean the "bee bits" out our selves simply by melting it and pouring through a filter to get the best quality and least processed product possible! Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant it works to improve skin and creates a barrier to help seal in moisture to provide a much longer lasting effect.

Jojoba Oil

One of the coolest oils as it is both fantastic for dry or oily skin. It very closely mimics the oils produced by your own skin (called sebum) so it can help to reduce oily skin by "tricking" the body into thinking it has produced enough oil. But it is also very absorbable so it sinks in easily for optimal moisture. It also contains so many nutrients like vitamin E and B, chromium, copper and zinc which all play a part in healthy skin.

Beeswax, jojoba

Essential Oils

We use 100% pure and organic essential oils wherever possible to both scent our products and provide health benefits depending on the oil. 

Phthalate Free Fragrance Oils

Unfortunately some scents can't be obtained with essential oils. Scents like berries, chocolate, vanilla and floral are either incredibly expensive or not possible so we opt to use the safest and least "icky" alternative called phthalate free fragrance oils. 

EO and Fo

Infused oils

We are herbalists at heart with training to boot. So we like to add the healing properties of herbs to some of our products to help boost their effectiveness. We use herbs like organic chamomile and calendula both very healing and calming. Organic horsetail in our shampoo bars to increase silica content which strengthens hair and adds shine, and organic red clover to help heal conditions like psoriasis and eczema. 

infusions Babasu

Babasu oils

We love this oil for our hair products! It is similar to coconut oil but much lighter so it won't contribute to oiliness. Fantastic for all skin types but especially great for dry and oil skin types.

Calendula, Horsetail

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense)

We use horsetail in our shampoobars because of its high silica content. This awesome herb is 8-16% silica which  used to stengthen hair and nails and skin by boosting collagen function.

Calendula(Calendula officinalis)

Calendula is in many of our herbally enhanced products for its soothing properties. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and vulnerary (used in the treatment of healing wounds) so it adds that extra boost to our skin recover balm and herpease.

Yarrow, Chamomile

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow is one of the most versatile herbs available, having an action on almost all parts of the body! Although fantastic for everything from fevers to UTI's, we use it in z

Red Clover(Trifolium pratense)

Not most peoples "go to" herb for treating skin conditions but we promise red clover is fantastic at helping to heal skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis! 

Chamomile (matricaria recutita)

Another very commonly used herb, chamomile is renowned for its soothing properties. When used externally it works to cool, sooth and heal inflamed and irritated skin conditions. 

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